Supplement Sunday

Supplement Sunday Episode 7

Protein offer alert 💥💥 See below for more details! 💷

Supplement Sunday – Episode 7 Easter edition 🐣🍫

Have you overindulged this Easter? If you have then try not to worry about it too much, it’s done now and it’s in the past 👋 The best thing to do after a binge is to get straight back on it. This means drinking lots of water, eating healthy and getting back into the gym 💪💧

I don’t know about you but I often need to keep my sweet tooth in check and a perfect way of doing this is through a protein shake (chocolate is my flavour of choice) 🍫 PhD’s diet whey is one of the industry’s leading protein products and has been around since 2010; it is low in fat, sugar and salt so it is designed specifically for weight management and is perfect for those wanting to lose weight whilst toning up👌

It can be taken at any time of the day to help get rid of those sugar cravings but in my opinion you are probably better off taking it straight after a workout!

💥💥As part of our April offers we are selling the 1kg bags at only £20.50 which saves you £4! This works out at only 51p a scoop!! Available for both members and non-members, we have a variety of flavours available; speak to reception for more details on 01472 251682 💥💥

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