Our newly refurbished gym incorporates over 165 pieces of Technogym equipment divided into three main areas, free weights, cardio and functional training. Each of these areas offers a wide range of equipment with something to suit everybody. With plenty of equipment, you can challenge yourself and stay motivated.

Oasis Gym Grimsby Weight Area


Comprised of plate-loaded machines, a lifting platform, racks and a wide range of free weights, the strength equipment is versatile and challenging.

Oasis Gym Grimsby Spin Classes


Cardiovascular activity improves your aerobic and muscular endurance, burns calories and boosts performance. We have a large quantity of cardio machines to offer, from spin bikes to our new Skillmill, our equipment allows you to train and progress regardless of your ability.

Oasis Gym Grimsby Functional area


Develop your stability, strength, power, flexibility and endurance. Functional training equips you with moves you use in everyday life. Functional training utilizes exercises that improve your daily movements to enhance your performance and life.

Oasis Gym Grimsby Skillmill


The Skillmill which allows you to train and progress regardless of your ability and enjoy a range of benefits such as higher muscular activation resulting in stronger muscle memory, muscles and joints, increased metabolic rate and improved balance and coordination.

Oasis Gym Grimsby mywellness


Mywellness app provides an overall fitness experience, it allows your workouts to be personalised, effective, fun. Book in with our gym instructors and they can create a personalized and complete training program including cardio, strength, classes and other types of activities. You can also create programmes yourself with access to exercise instructions and videos; keep track of your results automatically by signing in to mywellness directly on the equipment, or with your smartphone. Train with the mywellness app, and get more and more active every day.


You’ll find our trainers very approachable, friendly and knowledgeable. Receive advice and guidance from our recommended personal trainers who can create tailored training and nutrition programs for you and track your progress. Whether you want to lose weight, increase your fitness or train for a special event, they’ll push you and keep you motivated and help you achieve your goals.

You’ll be amazed just how soon you see real results!

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